5 Tips to Prevent Basement Floods

There might be an annual event that approaches every time summer arrives - basement flooding. Flooded basements in the summer might be a common problem in your home, since it is usually the time for multiple thunderstorms and rainy seasons, causing furniture and storage loss, and even a mold outbreak or structural damage to your basement. Sometimes, unexpected downpours can quickly turn into a flooding problem, and water can get into wood beams, vents and other hard to reach places.

Fortunately, techniques have been developed to prevent widespread flooding from causing serious damage. Follow these basic tips to reduce the risk of basement flooding this season. 

Cleaning up a basement from floods can be a lot of work, and actually very expensive. According to FloodSmart.gov, as minimal as one inch of water can result in $25,000 worth of damage to your home. So it would be easier to take action before it happens. Preventing your basement from flooding can save you money, time and large unexpected disasters in the future.

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