How to ProPress Copper Pipes

Plumbing contractors always have to keep an eye out for tools that will alow them to work more efficiently to accelerate their productivity and guarantee quality results to their customers. Press connections is a method of joining pipe and fittings together by pressing down the fitting into the pipe making a fast and secure seal and eliminating the need to solder, groove, braze, thread or weld. Utilizing only three short steps, connections can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional methods. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about the joint or the repaired pipe breaking at the pressed location.

ProPress fittings are suitable for potable water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, solar, fire protection, and many more systems, and can be used in residential, industrial and commercial applications. It works on copper and metal pipes like iron and stainless steel.

The noticeable rise of press copper fittings has contributed to making it the most popular  method for joining copper. 

Choose the Best for Your Business

Ridgid RP 350It is a tool custom-designed for contractors that are looking for a flexible lightweight pressing solution. Features a brushless motor that is capable of over 100,000 press cycles and requires no scheduled maintenance.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool W/ One Key – The sleek inline design of the M18 makes working around pipes easy. The press indicator on the M18 lets you verify a fitting’s connection to ensure an excellent fit.

ProPress Fittings Copper press fitting is a flameless alternative to soldering copper pipe connections. They can be used in numerous locations, including underground and under slabs. 

Press Jaws

Press Jaws come in a variety of sizes to make sure you can obtain the perfect seal. Keep in mind that the jaws you buy are designed to work with the type of press tool you have. Choose the proper size jaw for the size joint you’re using and fit it onto the pressing tool. Still, one of the best options for plumbers who are looking for a press tool and a press jaws will be to invest in a press tool kit.

There are three key things plumbers need to know to make sure they make a secure connection. 

  • The Installation
  • The Application
  • Tool Maintenance

The Installation

Every time, there are more systems available on the market, that is why selecting the right pipe type is crucial for your application. It is also important to follow every step in the process of joining a copper pipe to ensure a successful joint. 

How to ProPress Copper Pipe (Easy Steps)

  1. Measure and cut the pipe to the length you are looking for. 
  2. You’ll need to prepare the pipe before you install the fitting 
  3. Deburr the inside of the pipe to remove any sharp edge and remove the inner burr which prevents turbulence inside the pipe that later could cause leaks.
  4. Measure the depth of the sockets that will be pressed.
  5. Leave a mark on the pipe to match the depth of the joint.
  6. Make sure all the O-rings are there.
  7. Choose the proper size jaw to work with different sized pipes.
  8. Place the jaws of the press tool over the bead of the fitting, since it is where the crimp need to be done.
  9. Begin the crimping process
  10. Make sure while using the tool, keep it straight while pressing it to prevent any leaks in the future. 
  11. After the crimping is done, you should perform a water test for any type of leak.

The Application

Plumbers should always check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure copper press fittings are convenient for the type of application. Even though copper fittings can be used in almost every application where you would normally use the traditional solder and screwed system, there are certainly some limitations to be aware of. The reason for this being that the press fitting includes an O-ring, which as much as the O-ring and copper need to be suitable for the specific temperature and pressure of the pipe. 

Tool Maintenance

It is essential to maintain the tool in good conditions, checking up on it regularly.

Joining pipe has been one of the most laborious and time consuming parts of many jobs. Apart from that, it requires years of training and practice to be able to do the work at a professional level. These traditional systems required a hazardous workplace, which required the use of open flame and extra equipment. This is why the press fit system is the alternative to look for, which allows flame free installations making soldering a thing of the past. Not only does it allow for a safer workplace, but it also saves time and money,  leading to greater productivity and saving countless hours of work. 

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