Ridgid 1224

When it comes to threading machines, RIDGID is the ultimate leader in the world. They basically invented the threading machine back in the 1940s. Even though there have been some improvements throughout the years, these threading machines haven’t changed much. Here are their main characteristics.


RIDGID 300 Complete

Capacity: 1/8” – 2”


This is RIDGID’s most popular and affordable threading machine. The RIDGID 300 works best for sporadic use at a shop. Just as every other model, the 300 comes with all the accessories you need to thread: pipe cutter, stand, transporter cart, reamer and an oiler. This last accessory, the oiler, is what sets this machine apart. Unlike the rest of the threading machines, the 300 does not have automatic oiling. Instead, it needs to be operated with a manual oiler. For this reason, threading with this machine could become a challenge for the operator.


RIDGID 300 Compact

Capacity: 1/8” – 2”


This model is very similar to the 300 Complete, but it comes with automatic oiling, which allows for more prolonged use. The 300 Compact also uses a more ergonomic and portable transporter cart and stand, which makes it the most portable of all threading machines. This is the best fit for continuous threading at the jobsite.

Note: the only threading machines that come with a threader stand are the 300 Complete and the 300 Compact. With the models below, stands are sold separately.



Capacity: 1/8” -2”


The RIDGID 535 (Manual) is most popular for in-shop use as a more robust alternative to the lighter-weight 300 models. However, it comes with a ½ hp motor, identical to the 300 series.



Capacity: 1/8” – 2”


The 535A (automatic) is RIDGID’s most powerful threading machine. It is ideal for heavy-duty applications and fabrication. It is often used to thread large volumes of round solid and pipe nipples. It comes with a 2hp motor (as opposed to a ½ hp for the 300 series and 535M) and automatic chucks.


 Capacity: ¼” – 4”


This is the only model capable of threading over 2” without any additional accessories. It includes two die heads (for ½ - 2” and 2 ½ - 4”) as well as 3 die sets, pipe cutter and reamer. Robust and powerful, the RIDGID 1224 is a workhorse that will give you the flexibility to seamlessly thread pipes larger than 2”.


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