What is AquaPEX Plumbing?

What is PEX Pipe?

Uponor AquaPEX Non-Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing

Uponor PEX A grade tubing is the highest rated PEX on the market for plumbing applications and comes in sizes from 1/4 to 3". PEX tubing is often preferred by professionals because of its flexibility, its freezing and heat resistance, less contamination hazard due to pipe materials, easy connections and a more accesible price.

AquaPEX coils under 1" are color coded to easily mark hot and cold water lines with red and blue coils respectively, as well a a white neutral coil. There is no difference in materials or application between these colors. They are only designed this way to identify the water flow more easily.

AquaPEX tubing has thermal memory so kinks and imperfections in the coil can be easily fixed by heating the damaged area and the coil will return to its original form. It also is freeze-resistant and has better flexibility than PEX-B grade coils.

All PEX fittings work with Uponor AquaPEX tubing up to 1" but only ProPEX Expansion fittings and SharkBite fittings work with connections from 1 1/4" to 2". For sizes larger than 2" use Uponor WIPEX fittings.

AquaPEX can resist heat up to 200°F at 80 PSI.

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