Spartan Tool Cables for Cable Machines

Spartan Tool Cables for Cable Machines

Sewer Cleaning Cable Overview

Spartan Tool has a wide selection of cables for their sewer cleaning machines with different designs and technologies focused on different needs.

First, it's important to understand that each drum machine has a specified size of cable that will work with it so you first have to know what is the size of cable you need.

A second part of information escential to know what cable to purchase is to know that Spartan cables can either be Inner Core, No Core or Magnum.

No Core Cables

Lightweight and more flexible cables for soft clogs like grease and waste. These cabled are hollow in the inside so they can move through tighter turns.

Inner Core Cables

Stronger, long-lasting cables for tougher jobs. The inner core is a strong wire within the cable that works as a reinforcement. These are slightly less flexible but can clear drains faster due to their stifness.

Magnum Cables

The Spartan Magnum cable is the strongest and most durable one. Intended for the toughest jobs like breaking through roots and chemical lines. Can fit more cable into the drum and has quicker torquing benefits. Magnum cables are only available for models 300, 1065 and 2001.

Now that you have a better idea on how Spartan Tool cables can be purchased, make sure to look for the one you need:

If you want to learn more about how Spartan Tool cables are designed visit the Plumber Mag here.

Don't forget to contact us for any additional information and guidance on your purchase.





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