How to Change Your Spartan 100 Cable

Every Spartan machine owner has come across the task of changing the cable in their drum machie. As complicated or uncertain this may be to some, it's actually something you can easily do by yourself, so don't worry about looking for someone to do this for you.

Just follow these steps and change the cable on your Spartan 100 machine on your own!

Tools needed:

  • 1/2” rachet or wrench set
  • Long needle nosed plyers
  • Wire cutters.
  • Safety gloves to avoid injury

    Now that you have your tools, follow these steps to change your cable. Just remember to be careful when cutting the wire and managing the cable:

    1. Pull the old cable out of your machine. Go ahead and pull until the cable stops completely. Loosen the cable clamp holding the cable in the outer drum with your wrench/rachet set and pull out the remaining cable.

    2. Cut the wires off the new cable. Grab your wire cutters and your new cable. Place it on the floor and begin to cut the wires that hold the cable together while holding the rest of it down with your foot.

    Warning: be careful not to injure yourself with the cut wire and remember that drum cables store tension that could cause coil and kicking anc ause injury.

    3. Unroll the new cable setting it down on the floor. Grab the end of the cable that you would attach the blade to and unroll the cable. Push away the blade end from you to prevent tension that may cause it to coil up and potentially spring up and cause injuries.

    4. Grab the welded end and insert it into the drum until it hits the back side of the outter drum. Spin the outer drum until the cable clamp bolts are in the 12:00 position and then spin the inner drum until the cable hits the cable clamp on the right side.

    5. Feed the cable in approximately two feet and note that the cable should lay against the outer drum. Using your long needle nosed plyers grab the cable through the hole in the drum and pull the cablethrough the cable clamp until you see one or two inches of cable on the left side of the clamp.

    6. Finally, tighten the bolts until tight. Once you're done simply feed the cable into the drum. Choose and attach the blade you want to use.

    You have now successfully changed the cable in a Spartan 100 machine!

    Great job and more helpful tips to come!








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