Maintaining Sanitary Standards in Public Restrooms

Upkeeping with sanitation standards is getting more and more stringent these days, specially to institutions. This is not only because of the recent pandemic outbreak worldwide, but because we've become increasingly aware of the importance and health benefits of cleaner surroundings.

As a plumbing supply company we're here to advise our customers on what can be done to upgrade their busy bathroom installations to uphold health requrements; and source these products for them.

If you made it to this article it's because you're looking for products and information on what to purchase to offer more hygienic bathroom experiences. Below you'll see a series of product recommendations and areas where you can improve sanitation.

Touchless Flushometers

The first place to begin is upgrading your flush valves. Being the first thing to touch after making use of the bathroom, it goes without sayng that it is convenient to replace any manual valves with sensor activated flushometers to avoid the spread of germs and infections.

Sloan offers a particular product that is designed to easliy replace manual flush valves that are already installed. Toto also has a good offer on touchless flushometers. Among them stands out the EcoPower 4.8L flush valve.


  • Battery Powered
  • 3 year battery life
  • Touchless flushing, sensor activated
  • Easy installation


  • 1.28 GPF
  • Touchless flushing, sensor activated
  • Powered by running water. No batteries or external power source needed.
  • No ghost flushing

    Touchless Faucets

    Having sensor activated faucets is a must when it comes to public restrooms. They are a great way to maintain sanitation standards and are also a great alternative for saving water. Instead of having people leving the water flow open while they wash their hands, touchless faucets open and close the water flow with a determined amount of water being discharged everytime it's activated.

    The Chicago Faucets and Sloan lines of touchless faucets are the main go-to product lines.


    • Hot and cold water
    • Temperature control mixer
    • Infrared sensor
    • Pressure compensating


  • 0.5 GPM
  • Battery life indicator
  • Double infrared sensors
  • Battery operation
  • Hand Dryers

    To finish with the complete restroom routine, might as well consider installing automatic hand dryers that will activate only when a person reaches close to its sensor and will effectively dry their hands in just a few seconds. Also, avoid all that paper waste!


    • 8 second dry time
    • Adjustable speed and sound
    • Adjustable heat
    • Up to 135°F air temperature

    Touchless is best now. There is a wide range of products in most restroom areas that offer sensor technology that helps avoid the spread of germs and infections in your installations, and a lot of them being affordable and convenient to install in already existing fixtures.

    Make sure you are equiped with products specifically designed to maintain hygiene in your bathroom. Don't be cought off-guard. Be prepared. Go touchless.

    If you want to explore more about how to keep your restroom clean and avoid the spread of germs click here.

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