Choosing Your Eemax Water Heater

Here is a small guide on what the benefits are on each of the main Eemax water heaters. Each model comes in a variety of different sizes and Eemax pffers a five year warranty on their products. The have water heaters intended both for commercial and residential use.

 Mini Tank

The Mini Tank was designed for light commercial use so it's a great option for schools, offices and restaurants or for remote sinks that don't have any hot water. Point of Use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs and it also has an adjustable temperature control from 50°F to 140°F.

Can be floor mounted or wall-hung and needs to be pluged to a 110V outlet.

Types of installations for this model:

  Standard Installation
Multi-Fixture Installation
Heating System Booster

 Home Advantage II

The Home Advantage II is used for residential purposes like for the bathroom and utility kitchen sinks, or can also be used to boost central heating systems like the ones you find in appartment buildings so hot water reaches all units in the building.

Provides hot water on demand and has a digital temperature display that's adjustable from 80°F to 140°F.

Owners of the Home Advantage II also benefit from cutts in energy waste because the heater only activates when water is flowing.

All Eemax water heaters are designed to be hardwired to a dedicated circuit breaker and are not supplied with a chord-and-plug.


Small and powerfull! The FlowCo is a non-thermostatic heater that is used for commercial hand washing installations and other fixed flow installations.

Only one cold water line is needed for installation and the inlet and outlet cannot be switched. It can also be mounted in any orientation and includes self-diagnostic technollogy with intelligent controls.

If you'd like to learn more on energy saving benefits from tankless water heaters click here.

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